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Body v3 – BOM

Hi everyone,

Exciting news! I just released new body.
– The body is BOM only and it’s compatible with Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink.
– It comes in 12 tones – milk, porcelain, fair, sunkissed, peach, golden, tan, caramel, nougat, cappuccino, toffee, cocoa
– 3 types of breats are included
– Body freckles and moles are included
– Body specific feet are included (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink)

Here’s what’s gonna happen. If you already own body v2, you can visit the MAINSTORE and receive your new body v3 via redelivery terminal. You can also test the demo or purchase new body on Marketplace.

Until I figure out a better way, if you are interested in body v2 for your Spicy skin, you can contact me with transaction history of any of my skins except Catwa: Wicked witch, Vixen, Dark Elf, Vamp, Lucy, Hope, Dollie and super old releases.
The reason why is simple. Above mentioned skin packs contain already retired body skins and skin tones.

Body v3 will replace body v2 and will be sold separately. Body v2 will replace body v1 (included in skinpacks since 2019) in future skin pack releases.

Body v3 !New! (sold separately)

Body v2 (will be included in future skin releases)

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French Manicure – The Makeover room

Hello everyone ♥

I’ve been looking for some nails, but I wasn’t very happy with what I had, so I decided to create set of natural looking french manicure. It’s available in 6 colors and 4 shades, so 24 variations in total. You can pick the exact tone that matches your skin color.

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. It was fun! 😉

Exclusively for The Makeover Room event.
Available at the Mainstore after the event ends.

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50% OFF


I don’t even know what to say guys.

I’m just gonna say this. I feel you, all of you. Believe me. I’m afraid the same way you are with everything going on right now. Since we cannot properly socialize in RL, we have a chance here in SL to distract ourselves during these difficult times. I decided to lower my prices to 50% indefinitely.

I hope this will make you happy even just a tiny bit.

Stay strong and be safe, all of you ♥


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Nude Lipstick pack – Lelutka HD

Oh yeah, Lelutka Evo again ♥

It’s so entertaining for me to work with these heads. I hope you enjoy it.
So here is my exclusive item for the Salon 52.
You can test the demo at Spicy of course, where the lipstick pack will be available when the event will be over.

As always, 15 colors in one pack. I made sure to include several shades to fit most of the skin tones.

Lelutka Evolution Lake
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Skin Fair 2020

Oh yes!

It’s that long awaited time of the year again. And I’m very honoured I can participate in this event with Spicy.

I prepared two skins for you. Both in BOM version only.
Single package includes full skin (head + body) in 4 skin tones, shapes, eyebrows shaper, basic hair base.

Demo available at MAINSTORE
Skin Fair LM HERE

Available packs:
Light – Milk, Porcelain, Fair
Medium – Sunkissed, Peach, Golden
Tan – Tan, caramel, Nougat
Dark – Cappuccino, Toffee, Cocoa
+ Fat pack


Lelutka Evolution Nova


Catwa Susan
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Ruby skin for Lelutka Evolution (BOM)

Finally, right?

It took some time, because I always wasn’t happy enough with it. Sorry about that! :3

Meet Ruby, BOM (Bakes on mesh) skin based on Lelutka Evolution heads, photographed on Nova. The skin is an exclusive item for the Salon 52 event, which opens on the 16th and runs through the 8th of the following month. Demo is available In-world of course.

Single pack: 3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, shapes for Nova and Erin, basic Omega body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable, eyebrow shaper

Fat pack: 12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, 3 shapes for Nova and Erin, basic Omega body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable, eyebrow shaper

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Lelutka HD Lipstick pack

Hello gorgeous ♥

I bet you fell in love with the new Lelutka Evolution heads, am I right? I know, me too! And that’s why these were made specifically for Evolution heads. Special head deserves some special make-up, so I created them to be used on HD layer. Please, always try DEMO to avoid unwanted purchase. Available at The Makeover Room event.

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Permanent price reduction of old stuff

Hi everyone ♥

I just wanted to let you know, I permanently reduced prices of old stuff for Genus and Catwa skin appliers on the second floor of my IN-WORLD STORE. Meaning every skin package that doesn’t include system layers (BOM) is being sold with discount for everyone.

Sinlge package – 199L$
(3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow colors, 1 browless version, 3 hairbase colors + 1 tintable version, shapes)
Fat Pack – 750L$
(12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow colors, 1 browless version, 3 hairbase colors + 1 tintable version, shapes)

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Anniversary Gift II.

Hello there ♥

I really enjoyed how excited you were about Holly skin for Lelutka, so I decided to adjust the skin for perfect Catwa fit too!

  • Version with and without eyebrows
  • 6 basic shapes included (Susan, Margeaux, Koura, Tala, Eva, Catya)
  • BOM layers only

You have to be member of Spicy group in order to receive the gift. Please note, that fee for joining the group is 10L$ to prevent bots and spammers from joining. If you are a member of the group already, you can visit the Mainstore and get your gift. If you’re not member yet and you don’t have time to stop by in-world, you can also get the gift on Marketplace.