Free Gifts, Skin Fair

Free Skin fair gift

Hi everyone. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about free gift. My intention was to make something better, like make-up or something like that. Unfortunately I had an emergency with fixing my exclusive skins and it took longer than planned. So I decided shapes could be really helpful, especially for new people on the grid or if you’re a shape collector and wanna try something new, it’s exactly for you! 🙂

  • Available in 3 sizes and two variations – Slim&Curvy
  • Free at Skin Fair
  • Shapes are modify
  • Package includes style card

Taxi HERE (Available at Mainstore)

Keme Shape.jpg

Skin Fair

Lucy&Hope Skin fair exclusive preview

Hi everyone,

So, I made a few pictures before the actual event starts. Just to tease you a little 😛 But mainly to inform you. Lucy&Hope received an updated body and skin tones update. So, I hope you like it! 🙂

*Shape will be included in each skin tone pack. There will be no need to purchase it separately.


Preview pictures are NOT edited. Windlight used – – Headshots.  (Advanced lightning model, ambient occlusion and shadows need to be turned on.)

  • Catwa Tala and Maitreya body used on the pictures


New body

New Skin tones.jpg

Skin Fair

Skin fair 2018

Hi everyone!

Believe it or not, I’m still here 😀 I didn’t give up, quite the opposite. I’ve been working really hard, because I’m preparing for Skin fair 2018. Yep, you’re reading correct. For the first time in my SL existence, I’ll be participating at Skin fair as a designer and below you can see some cool exclusives I’ve got for you (Skin appliers Catwa&Maitreya&Omega). So, see you in March! 🙂



*Images were not modified except cutting out the background and smoothing edges.

For exact look:

  • Wear included shape
  • Turn on Advanced lighting model and Ambient occlusion
  • Use windlight CAlWL or AnaLutetia-AvatarOpt2 Whiter

Hope (Exclusive)Lucy (Exclusive)