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New skin appliers Lelutka&LOGO

Hi everyone ♥

It’s been some time 🙂 I was honored to participate in the Vintage Fair 2019.
Skins are not really vintage or retro, but you gotta wear one, right? Haha.

I decided I’m gonna try something new this time. The other day I bought LOGO Mae head and it grew on me. So I decided I have to create skin for it. I named it Kira and it’s my first LOGO skin. I hope you like it.
The second exclusive is Lelutka skin applier. I tried to create it as much flexible as possible, so you can wear it on all Lelutka heads, however the best fit seems to be with the new line of heads like Aida, Piper, Korina. Since every head has unique features, don’t forget to try the demo.

Single pack: 3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, 3 shapes, basic Omega body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable (NEW), eyebrow shaper

Fat pack: 12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, 3 shapes, basic Omega body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable (NEW), eyebrow shaper

* System layers included. Please, note that system layers are intended for baked on mesh, not system bodies.

Vintage Fair LM HERE. You can also test the DEMO at the Mainstore 🙂

Kira skin applier – Golden tone, worn on LOGO Mae
Meadow skin applier – Golden tone, worn on Lelutka Korina

Body Shop, Vintage Fair

Vintage fair is over

Alright guys,

Vintage fair is over, but every item I made for the event, is available in-world or on MP!

Here, you can take a look at Dottie skin applier.

There are four packages: Light, Medium, Tan, Dark

All of them contains: 2 Skin tones, 4 eyebrows + browless version, 4 make-up sets and of course body applier.

As usual, pictures were NOT altered in any way. It was photographed how you see it with my personal windlight – more info about windlight HERE

Marketplace link HERE

In-world store HERE


Dottie AD2


*Shape will be included as usual. This time in five versions – For Keme, Eva, Tala, Koura and Catya head.


Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair 2018 Exclusive skin applier

Ever heard about this event?

That’s right, I’ve been honored with this opportunity and I’ll be there.

8th June – 25th June

So, you’re probably wondering how my work is going. And I must say it’s going pretty great! I’m satisfied with the results so far. But don’t be mistaken, it’s far from finished. You can take a peek, though.

Meet Dottie, my Vintage Fair star! 🙂

(Catwa&Maitreya&Omega system appliers as always, photographed on Catwa Keme bento head)

Stay tuned for Landmark 🙂


* Image was NOT edited. Skin was photographed with advanced lighting and shadows on.

My personal “Photoshooting” windlight was used. Download it HERE

Install instruction:

Navigate to these folders, copy XML file in there and that’s it. Easy peasy, right? Enjoy and don’t forget to share pictures with Spicy stuff in our Flickr group HERE!

Windows –C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\windlight\skies
C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer\app_settings\windlight\skies

Mac – use Go menu > Go to Folder and paste in: ~/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings/windlight/skies